Twitter expands access to professional accounts

The Twitter platform is looking to maintain its lead by expanding into two new projects that provide more opportunities for brands and content creators. The platform is now inviting more companies to apply for pro accounts testing, which enables brands to view more business information in an additional dedicated space within the account.

Professional accounts add many new display elements to your presence on the platform. Including a business location list (which people can click to open in Google Maps). Opening hours and contact information. And all in a new module below the main view of the account.

The platform launched its initial test for Pro accounts in April, and more companies are now receiving notifications about the feature in their inbox. This may indicate that the option is close to being rolled out in full. The platform is also for new company codes and sector identification, it seems that the next step for the option is imminent.

The platform also has access to Ticketed Spaces, which first opened to public applications back in June. So it is not available to everyone yet. But as of now, more people have the ability to host paid audio rooms, in which they can generate direct revenue for their efforts.

Twitter encourages reserved audio rooms

The platform takes 3 percent of the paid audio room fee. But App Store fees must also be taken into account, which reduces the overall share of the content creator. For example, on iOS, if you set your room ticket price at $5, you get $2.80 from each ticket sold, 70 cents goes to Twitter, and $1.50 goes to Apple.

But still, the option offers another revenue opportunity, and it may drive more people to use Spaces. Which appears to have lost some of its initial momenta as interest in social audio products waned in general. Meanwhile, it's a bit unclear, at the moment, what the platform is doing to further promote Discover Spaces.

Over the past few months, the platform has developed a new tab dedicated to audio rooms in the app. That will provide users with an easy way to access broadcasts at any time.

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