Twitter is testing feature so they can't tag you in a conversation


With the tool, you will stop receiving notifications of tweets that do not interest you. One of the great benefits of social networks is the possibility of creating a conversation, not only with our contacts but with influential people who have a profile. The platforms have a simple system that allows you to tag someone so that you know that they are being involved in a specific topic. But since such notifications are not always welcomed, Twitter is testing a feature that will allow people to stop people from mentioning them with an @ and their username.

Thinking that for many users it is a nuisance for someone to arrogate them on Twitter as it means a constant arrival of notifications, which are not always of interest, the microblogging social network is working on the development of a new tool.

It should be mentioned that currently there is the option to silence a conversation so that notifications are not received about it and also, since last year, the company implemented a response limit function, but that filter must be applied before tweeting. The proposal that is now being discussed will be useful when the tweets are already available.

Dominic Camozzi, a designer of privacy of Twitter, confirmed the company is working on a new feature that will allow users to "get rid" of mentions, even showed some initial concepts of how it might work this new option.

According to what he disclosed, in order to withdraw from the conversation in question, Camozzi said the person will have to select the mention option from the three-dot menu in the tweet. Also, in the event that an account that doesn't follow mentions you, you will receive a special notification along with an option to prevent them from being tagged.

Twitter is also thinking about the times when people mention a user in droves, for example when it comes to someone involved in a trend, and will create a special notification for that as well.

And if it's just that for a few hours you want to be disconnected from what happens on social networks, the company said that the function can be used to pause mentions for a day, three days, or seven.

These functions will surely be very well received by thousands of users, however, it must be emphasized that it is only a proof of concept. For now, Twitter is only looking for feedback on various methods that it might implement later, it will be until then that we know exactly how the tools will work.

Account verification

While you wait to avoid conversations, something you can do on Twitter is to verify your account and have the platform put the famous checkmark next to your name, because now this option is available to everyone who uses the social network.

This process can be done worldwide through the Settings and Privacy section. The application will ask what type of account you have, in addition to asking for an ID. This data will be sent to the Twitter team that will evaluate if your account can be verified.

There are three options to identify yourself: through an official website linked to your personal activity, your brand, your company, or the organization you represent. You can also identify yourself with an email that is part of your organization, or with official identification.

There are different types of accounts that Twitter can verify, which you or your organization can choose to identify yourself: government, organizations, news and journalists, entertainment, sports and games, activists, organizers, and influencers. Also, over time they will include more categories such as scientists, academics, and religious leaders.

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