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Twitter is working on a paid subscription service that costs $ 2.99 per month


Twitter application researcher Jane Manchun Wong tweeted that she discovered the cost of the paid subscription model for some features, as it will cost $ 2.99 per month in the paid version of Twitter Blue, which the company intends to launch and will include the feature to undo tweets and bookmarks groups.

Wong says Twitter appears to be working on a tiered signup model, which she believes could mean a premium, less messy experience for higher-paying subscribers, according to the verge.

The Twitter spokesperson declined to comment, but the company does not usually confirm or comment on Wong's typically accurate discoveries of new features prior to its launch.

Twitter has released a slew of new product announcements over the past several weeks, updating its warnings about potentially offensive tweets and improving its image cropping algorithm to allow "longer" images to be fully displayed in users' feeds, adding the ability for Android users to search their direct messages. It rolled out a feature to allow users to make donations to some creators, journalists, experts, and nonprofits (although the latter raised some privacy concerns about embedded user information).

And earlier this month, Twitter acquired Scroll, a $ 5 per month subscription service that removes ads from participating websites, and Twitter also said that Nuzzel, a Scroll service that sends users daily reports by email of the most important news in private Twitter feeds, will be terminated.

As Wong noted in a subsequent tweet, Tony Haile, the former CEO of Scroll who now works on the product team at Twitter, tweeted the day his company was acquired that Scroll would integrate into a broader Twitter subscription later in the year. That this suggests that one of Twitter's premium product offerings will be an ad-free experience which is something the fanatical tweeters seem to have asked for almost as much as they have requested editable tweets.

In its first-quarter earnings report late last month, Twitter reported a profit of $ 68 million and revenue of $ 1.04 billion, the company reported a 20 percent increase in active daily users who could generate income.


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