Twitter lets you change who can reply to a Tweet after it's been posted


The Twitter platform has a new update to its reply control options, which was first rolled out in August of last year, allowing users to decide who can reply to their posts. With the original update, Twitter allowed users to choose who can reply to their tweets everyone, people you follow, or only people you mention within the tweet creation process.

The problem with this is that, at times, you may want to update your audience retroactively, perhaps because of hate in your responses, or unintended controversy with your original comment.

In such cases, you can just press delete. But Twitter has now added a new consideration into the mix, with retroactive audience control options. This means that you can limit or update who can reply to any of your Tweets at any time, even after the Tweet has been posted.

There can be different use cases for this. Perhaps your Tweet leads to abusive or argumentative responses and you don't have the time for that, or you realize that your comment was more of a statement than part of a conversation, and you'd prefer to turn off replies.

Twitter adds a new reply control option

Deleting the asset is always an option. But sometimes you want to stick with a comment without having to deal with different opinions. The new feature is supposed to be useful to reduce harassment. It is available globally across iOS, Android, and the web.

In order to change who can reply, click or tap on the three-dot menu in a Tweet and look for the option in the menu that appears. And you can do this so that everyone can respond. Or only people you follow can reply. Or only the people you mentioned in your Tweet can reply.

This latest feature is how Twitter is working to give users greater control over who can interact with what they post. On July 1, Twitter showed off some of its ideas that would give users more control. Like the ability to tweet to trusted friends and a way to tweet from different accounts.

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