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Twitter releases a new update for Covid-19 vaccines


The Twitter platform announced the launch of a new update for its desktop and mobile versions dedicated to Covid-19 vaccines, where the official account of the site wrote, Since Covid-19 vaccines have become widely available, we want you to be able to access the latest Vaccine information in your country. This week you will see a prompt in your timeline that contains links to resources on vaccine safety and efficacy and news from public health experts.

The new Twitter update will add a new box for all tweets of Covid-19 vaccines, and these new boxes on Twitter will provide the facts about Covid-19 vaccines.

The boxes will appear at the top of their schedules cross-platform Twitter, confirming information about vaccines covid 19, according to the website of Sputnik.

This is to complement what other social media have provided to provide awareness and real information about vaccines, as YouTube, for example, began broadcasting public service announcements for the Corona vaccine, to highlight all the things that people can look forward to once the epidemic is over.

As for Facebook, it publishes notices letting people know as soon as their country has opened vaccinations for all adults.

On the other hand, was a platform for Twitter announced the availability of Image quality 4K users and allows the new feature deployment of high - resolution images will users be able to publish and display 4 K pictures on the application, and earlier, the maximum limit of accuracy is 2048 × 2048.


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