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Twitter users are suddenly losing their followers


Accounts with a large number of followers faced a severe shortage without warning. The Twitter support account states that the company regularly reviews accounts to verify or confirm account details and to ensure that additional information is genuine to better protect conversations across the platform.

According to Twitter officials, the account remains in a closed state until it confirms the validity of this additional information. It will not count the number of followers. This automatically results in a decrease in the number of followers for these accounts. The Company suspends accounts if it engages in mass, offensive, or deceptive activity that misleads others. Twitter says that platform manipulation can take many forms and that running fake accounts to mislead others is a violation of its policies.

Giving users misleading account information is part of platform manipulation, along with the use of stolen or copied photos, bios, and intentionally misleading account information, such as geolocation.

In other words, if the account is not clearly associated with an individual or entity, it can be banned until those details are clarified. This applies to popular accounts such as those of actors or politicians.

The platform's policies state that blocking accounts is in the case of inflating followers, following accounts, or sharing tweets by artificial means. Depending on the policy, these means include selling or buying followers or even selling posts such as retweets, likes, mentions, and poll votes.

The use of third-party services or applications that claim to add followers or add posts to Tweets is considered manipulation of the Platform. Also, following a large number of accounts and then unfollowing them in an attempt to inflate the number of followers is considered abuse of the platform.

The use of automated means is a violation and it is also not allowed to re-follow another account, especially using automation. Twitter states that it regularly takes action to combat platform manipulation. When it suspects an account is engaging in such activities, it may close the account, so that it can provide more information. If it does not meet the requirements, it remains closed.

According to Twitter: If platform manipulation is an isolated incident, penalties may range from deleting tweets to temporarily locking the account or accounts. But at the same time, it warns that any other platform manipulation crimes will lead to permanent account suspension.

If Twitter believes that a user is in violation of the fake account policy, it may request certain official government identification information in order to restore the account. Users can always submit an appeal if they believe their account has been wrongly locked or suspended.


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