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Twitter will allow you to speak in their Spaces in the web version


Twitter recently introduced its Spaces, audio rooms, available in its version for mobile phones. The social network seeks to improve this function and one of the keys is to make it possible for us to use the desktop version to talk with other people in these rooms. Thus, it can be accessed from the PC as well, not only from the mobile.

This possibility is currently under development in the social network, so no dates have been given for its launch.

The fact that Twitter is working on allowing users to participate in these audio rooms in the web version makes it clear that it is a function to which they attach great importance. In addition, many users were waiting for this to happen, because they do not use the social network on their phones, for example. This way they will be able to enjoy these Spaces on the computer with total normality.

At the moment, the ability to organize audio rooms is somewhat limited to users who meet certain requirements on the social network, since at least 600 followers are needed, for example, to be able to create one.

Twitter hopes that allowing them to be used in its web version will also be a boost for them, especially to maintain interest in this function, now that alternatives like Clubhouse seem to be starting to lose some gas. It remains to be seen if the social network maintains these spaces as a popular function.


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