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Two Chinese astronauts out into open space for the first time in 13 years

Chinese astronauts Liu Buming and Tang Hongbo left the "Tianhe" unit at the Chinese orbital station "Tiangong" that is being built and went out into open space to carry out some missions, and on June 17, astronauts Ni Haisheng and Liu Boming moved and Tang Hongbo, from the Shenzhou 12 spacecraft to the Tianhe module at the Chinese orbital station.

This was the first mission to go out into open space for the Shenzhou 12 crew, as well as the first extravehicular activity for Chinese astronauts in 13 years, as the last time that Chinese astronauts went out to open outer space was in 2008, and it was carried out the crew of the spacecraft "Shenzhou-7".

The construction of the Chinese multi-module orbital station "Tiangong" began on April 29 this year, when the main unit "Tianhe" was successfully launched into orbit. The plant is expected to be completed by 2022 and to achieve this a total of 12 missions must be undertaken.

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