Two new emojis for gender-neutral pregnant man and pregnant person, will come in smartphones

Two new emojis show the gender-neutral. The new emojis are the pregnant man and the pregnant person will be added to smartphones later this year. The Unicode Consortium, the central bank for all approved emoji, has officially signed off on the new emoji version, 14.0.

Emojipedia, a voting member of the Unicode Consortium, said the pregnant man and woman emojis confirm that pregnancy is possible for some transgender men and non-binary people. Emojipedia published a proposal in 2019 to add pregnant man and pregnant people to the Unicode library.

At the time of the proposal said, currently, emojis are only depicted for people designated female at birth in the pregnancy role. If emojis are designed as inclusive as possible, then these emojis should present their gender in a more diverse way. Sex does not dictate the ability to care for children at home or work in the market.

All 37 new additions that makeup version 14.0 were originally detailed by Emojipedia ahead of World Emoji Day (July 17).

In addition to Pregnant Man and Pregnant Person version 14.0 includes new variations on the distinctive round yellow face, melting face, saluting face, dotted line face, and tear-stopping face. The list also includes a motorcycle tire, swing, disco ball, coral, kidney beans, and low battery. Companies including Apple, Google, and Microsoft apply stylized versions of the consortium designs to their operating systems.

The release dates for the emoji have not been confirmed on different operating systems, but it will likely be seen on all platforms by July 2022, with early support for some platforms later this year.

Emojipedia said, the designs shown here are a sample of Emojipedia, which is one way these emojis might look. Actual vendor designs will differ from those released by major vendors, and sample images for Emojipedia may also be updated when the final Emoji 14.0 is released.

Emojipedia contains all of the Emoji 14.0 designs listed on their website, as well as the old emoji included in previous designs. This includes all emojis for version 13.1, which was completed in September of last year and is now generally available on iOS 14.5, Google Pixel devices, and Twitter.

Version 13.1 includes: Heart on Fire, Face Exhaling and Face in Clouds, as well as Couples Kissing Each Other and Couples with Heart with more variations in skin tones and genders. Prior to that, version 13.0 introduced in 2020 added transgender science, including a gender-neutral alternative to Santa Claus and the famously extinct dodo.

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