UAZ Connect telematics services became available as an option for individuals


Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant announced important news - UAZ Connect telematics services became available as an option for individuals. Previously, owners of corporate fleets could use the basic version of UAZ Connect, and now ordinary customers can also get this option.

Currently, the UAZ Connect solution is compatible with the UAZ Patriot and Pickup models with an automatic transmission produced after December 1, 2020, as well as with the ERA-GLONASS system in the basic equipment. In the "foreseeable future" this list will be supplemented by modifications with a manual transmission. It is also planned to expand the functionality.

As the manufacturer promises, the UAZ Connect system guarantees full control over the car, regardless of the distance of the user from the vehicle. Real-time information is displayed on the smartphone screen. The proprietary mobile application, compatible with the iOS and Android operating systems, allows you to receive data from the UAZ onboard electronics and control various functions.

The basic functionality of the system provides for the ability to remotely receive data on the technical condition of the car, its location with an accuracy of a meter and the level of fuel in the tank, and also allows you to view the travel history and analyze the driving style of a particular driver.

The new, expanded version of UAZ Connect is targeted at individuals. In addition to all the basic functions, the application provides the ability to remotely start the engine.

To connect the basic package of telematics services, just download the UAZ Connect mobile application in the Apple Store or Google Play and go through the registration process in the system.

Those wishing to purchase an extended version of UAZ Connect must also place an application on the official website or contact the brand's dealer center. The connection cost will be 12,990 rubles. A subscription for one, two, or three years will cost 3500, 6300, and 8400 rubles, respectively. All UAZ Connect buyers are given six months of free use of the system as a gift.

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