UAZ Patriot will be converted to electric traction using a kit kit

According to Drom, on October 19, Oleg Krupin, the chief designer of UAZ, spoke at the International Automotive Scientific Forum MANF-2021. In his speech, he spoke about the development strategy of UAZ, which involves the transfer of the current line of cars, including the well-worn Hunter, to electricity.

The future electric Hunters, Patriots, and Profi will be based on the platform developed by the Czech company MV Motors for an experimental Spartan EV based on the Hunter. It involves the use of an asynchronous electric motor with a capacity of just over 160 hp. The Spartan EV can travel 245 km on a single charge, and the traction battery charges 80% in one hour. The maximum speed is 130 km / h. These are the characteristics of the Spartan EV, the speed and autonomy of the Patriot and the Pro will differ due to the difference in aerodynamics, dimensions, weight, traction battery capacity, etc.

The Spartan EV is only at the stage of developing a concept for small-scale production, so the serial electric Hunter will not appear soon. Electric "Patriot" and "Pro" will be released even later. There was no specific timeframe for the implementation of the plan for the transfer of current UAZ cars to electric traction, but it is unlikely that their serial production will start earlier than 2023-2024. And by that time, Xiaomi, a company that has never made a car at all, will have the first electric car.

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