Uber and Nuro will deploy driverless food delivery trucks in California

Uber and driverless startup Nuro signed a 10-year cooperation agreement, and soon Uber Eats California customers will enjoy the driverless robot service. In 2019, Uber hoped to use the Nuro driverless food delivery vehicle to deliver meals in Houston, but unfortunately, the two sides did not reach an agreement. Now the two companies have finally signed a 10-year partnership agreement.

Starting this fall, Uber and Nuro will offer driverless food delivery services in Mountain View, Calif., and Houston, Texas. How many unmanned food delivery vehicles will be deployed? How many customers are expected to participate in early testing? Neither company gave an answer, though they hope to expand services to the California Bay Area in the future.

The second-generation R2 food delivery vehicle developed by Nuro is not designed for pavement. It is larger, half the size of a compact car, but shorter than most cars. There are no passengers or drivers in the food delivery vehicle, and it can be truly driverless. The R2 food delivery cart can reach a speed of up to 45 kilometers per hour, can carry a weight of 500 pounds (about 227KG), and can hold 24 shopping bags in the compartment.

Nuro is currently valued at about $8.6 billion, and in addition to Uber, it is also testing robotic delivery services with Serve Robotics and Motional. Serve Robotics drives down the pavement, and Motional tests it with a modern electric SUV with two safety drivers in the front.

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