Uber claims that the hacking attack is related to Lapsus$, Nvidia, Microsoft...etc

Uber was attacked by a hacker and temporarily shut down its internal communication system. On Monday, Uber claimed that the hacker was related to the Lapsus$ hacker group. According to Uber, the hackers did not steal any user account information, nor did they gain access to the database where sensitive information was stored. "The attackers compromised several internal systems, and our focus during our investigation was whether the attack had a significant impact," Uber said. The investigation continues.

Friday's attack caused a brief shutdown of Uber's internal communications system, leaving employees to communicate only using the Salesforce messaging app Slack. After obtaining two-factor authentication clearance, the hackers gained access to the contractor's Uber account and, in turn, several employees' accounts and tools, such as G-Suite and Slack.

Lapsus$ has previously targeted Nvidia, Microsoft, and Okta. It is reported that the hacker who launched the attack, named "teapotuberhacker", posted a game video online on Monday, which is related to Take-Two Interactive Software's highly anticipated new game "Grand Theft Auto 6". Hackers also posted messages on forums saying they were willing to negotiate with Take-Two.

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