US Northeastern University: Dissatisfied with Mark Zuckerberg and the Meta Metaverse

An explosion occurred at Northeastern University in the United States, and a staff member of the virtual reality center on campus was accidentally injured when opening the package. A Boston police investigation found that the package also contained a note criticizing Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and the concept of the metaverse.

The police said in a news release that two packages of unknown origin were delivered to the university, one that exploded causing minor hand injuries to a 45-year-old man at the scene, and the other being handled by the Boston Police Bomb Squad. Find any evidence of explosives and the detonation system that caused the explosion.

It is understood that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg attended Harvard University in Boston and has no known connection to Northeastern University. US media reported that the explosive package was sent exclusively to the university's virtual reality center, which has more than 100 members, and its Facebook page shows that it is "working hard to close the gap between the classroom and the virtual environment."

Less than three hours after the incident, Northeastern University said the problem was "under control" and stressed that "we will always maintain a safe campus."

Boston police declined to comment on the nature of the package because of the ongoing investigation. A spokesman for Facebook parent company Meta did not respond to a request for comment.

Over the past year, Zuckerberg's company has focused more on virtual reality projects, including Horizon, a VR social platform, and he has also changed the company's name to Meta. In July of this year, Zuckerberg was criticized as "too ugly" for posting a selfie in the Metaverse, which aroused ridicule among netizens.

Meta is spending a lot on Zuckerberg's security spending. In April, media reports reported that the company had spent a record $27 million on the CEO's security and private jet travel.

"We believe Mr. Zuckerberg's role puts him in a unique position: he is synonymous with Meta, and as such, negative sentiment toward the company is directly associated with Mr. Zuckerberg and often transferred to Mr. Zuckerberg", has been expressed in regulatory documents.

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