Users will be able to choose the look of Yandex Browser


The Yandex team announced the start of testing a new look for the Yandex Browser. In the fresh beta version, users will be able to choose the design that suits them best.

The classic version of the new tab has not changed too much - the user sees the standard "Zen" and "Scoreboard". It has become more compact and is located above the "Scoreboard" information about the weather, traffic jams and new letters. The news moved to the Zen feed.

The informational option focuses on news, allocates the main space for "Zen", and the "Scoreboard" begins to work in reverse mode - less popular sites are now displayed higher and hidden from view.

In the working version, only headlines are shown in the news feed, while the Scoreboard and widgets are classic. The minimalistic option reduces all elements, leaving the main space free.

Users remain available to such settings as turning on and off widgets, the size of the "Scoreboard" tiles, and the control of the "Zen" ribbon.

A selection of new design options is available in the beta version of Yandex Browser 21.8.0 for Windows.

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