Viber application launches the feature of using filters in Iraq

The Viber application owned by the Japanese company Rakuten, one of the leading applications in the world to communicate through free and secure messages and calls, announced the launch of the feature of using Augmented Reality (AR) filters in Iraq. The launch of this feature comes through a partnership contract with Snap (Snapchat). This partnership allows the use of tools developed by Snap Inc. (Snapchat) including the Camera Kit, Creative Kit, and Bitmoji as well as the provision of Bitmoji images in the Viber application.

This new feature was launched to add more fun to communication between users and make chats more interesting. Filters provide an opportunity for users to express themselves more easily and smoothly during chats. Augmented reality technology is a huge leap in the world of communications, as filters supported by augmented reality technology interact with facial movements; You can smile or wink and the filter will repeat your facial movements, adding a touch of creativity to the movement and the overall experience. Use Filters is now available on iOS and Android.

The filter bar, which appears when you open the camera on the Viber app, offers a great variety of filters with different effects, such as cosmetic filters, animal filters, space filters, and many more augmented reality filters. With the launch of the feature in Iraq, special filters will be available that reflect the heritage and culture of the Iraqi user and national and religious occasions. Filters for traditional clothing and filters to support the national football team will be launched. More new filters will be released before the end of this year.

In a statement to Nadia Al-Obaidi, Director of the Middle East and North Africa at Viber, she said, "The field of communication has evolved tremendously and communication between people is conducted primarily via the Internet all over the world. With this transformation came the need to express ourselves stronger and more creatively Launching the filters feature on Viber is a logical step to meet the needs of users. Providing augmented reality capabilities to our users in Iraq and around the world to use them in photos and videos will enrich personal conversations and stimulate creativity in expression, which helps bring people together.”

In the near future, companies interested in the Iraqi market, institutions, and others will be able to launch their own filters on the Viber app. FC Barcelona, the World Health Organization, and the World Wide Fund for Nature are among the first to launch their own branded filters on Viber.

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