Virgin Galactic plans to operate 400 flights a year to the frontier of space

Virgin Galactic aims to install spaceports throughout the world, expand its fleet of suborbital aircraft and operate more than one daily flight to the frontier of space, the company's CEO Michael Colglazier told the Forbes magazine.

Colglazier said, we are talking about 400 flights a year for each spaceport we operate. So we have to build a fleet. The number of ships we need will depend on how quickly we can rotate them.

Colglazier defined the Virgin Galactic product as a memory for a lifetime and said the idea is to market it next year already. In 2013, the company suspended the offer of tickets for its space flights, after having sold more than 600, but plans to resume it in the coming months.

Additionally, Virgin Galactic intends to use its suborbital aircraft for scientific research. Research experiments, according to Colglazier, can generate a revenue of $ 600,000 for each flight.

Virgin Galactic founder Sir Richard Branson and five other crew members made a trip to the frontier of space on July 11 aboard the supersonic plane VSS Unity. One of the main objectives of the mission was to evaluate the experiences that future space tourists will have, including the conditions of the cabin, the comfort of the seats, the feeling of weightlessness and the views of the Earth from the spacecraft.

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