Virtual Reality ignites the competition between Apple and Microsoft


Virtual reality is a new field of competition between the two giant companies, Apple and Microsoft, as a new conflict has begun to emerge between them, which is similar to the period of the emergence of the personal computer.

The competition between Apple founder Steve Jobs and Microsoft founder Bill Gates in the past, and said that in recent months, both companies have returned to fierce competition again.

On the sidelines of the competition, accusations were exchanged between the two sides over Epic Games, which Apple is fighting a legal battle with and accuses Microsoft of backing.

Epic Games accused Apple of uncompetitive practices, while Microsoft blamed Apple for restricting its ability to reach users through its video game service.

And last Thursday, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella launched the new operating system “Windows 11”, which is characterized by competitive characteristics with the Apple App Store (App Store), which is subject to several controls.

Both companies are competing in the market for hardware products that support "Augmented and Virtual Reality" which is seen as the next major area of ​​the future.

"The world needs a more open platform, one that allows apps to become platforms in their own right," Nadella said Thursday during the virtual event held online.

Apple defends its strict controls over its App Store, saying it offers users greater privacy and cybersecurity protection. Others, including Facebook and Epic Games, claim that the company unfairly exercises its power to control access to more than one billion iPhone users worldwide.

Nadella describes Microsoft as the defender of developers and a good partner for them, and the company cooperated with Amazon, for example, to provide Windows 11 with e-commerce applications that run on Google's Android system, while Apple doubles the fences around its devices and applications, according to the newspaper.

It is reported that Apple has promoted television advertisements mocking PC users, which prompted Microsoft to launch a campaign against it.

Now the two contenders are America's two major trading powers, the only two American companies valued at $2 trillion or more, both with more than 140,000 employees, and annual sales of about $400 billion.


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