VKontakte completely restarted the video platform

The VKontakte team announced a major restart of the video platform in the social network. As the developers explain, the proprietary adaptive video streaming technology with a scalable architecture completely removes restrictions on the simultaneous number of viewers connected to one broadcast and provides viewing on networks with unstable connections and on weak devices.

Users can now watch videos and live broadcasts in 4K resolution, streaming to Chromecast and AirPlay. The function will appear in iOS, Android, and VKontakte desktop applications.

"Video VKontakte" now supports uploading "heavy" files up to 256 GB. In the video player settings, there will be 7 video quality parameters up to Full HD and 4K, between which the viewer can switch. By default, the player has automatic quality selection enabled.

Another long-awaited opportunity for users will be the Picture-in-Picture format, the video player can be minimized into a mini-window - a new button has been implemented for this function.

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