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VKontakte relaunches the messenger

The VKontakte team announced the upcoming revision of the design of the messenger on the social network - it will be possible to customize it to your taste starting in September.

Users will be able to choose the background and colors of messages in the messenger for themselves and their conversations. You can also enable a common topic for all chat participants.

The messenger design settings will appear in VKontakte applications for iOS and Android. As the developers explain, in different cases options will be available: either choose ready-made templates or customize everything yourself. You can set your own image on the background, for example, a photo of the starry sky or your favorite selfie, and then choose the appropriate message color for it.

Also, users will be able to change the design of each individual chat - both a dialogue and a group one. If there are more than two people in the conversation, those responsible for the appearance of the correspondence can be selected in the settings: among the creators and administrators of the chat or all of its participants. First, users will be able to choose a design from 11 ready-made templates, and later - customize the themes themselves.

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