VKontakte started working twice as fast with the help of a new network protocol

The VKontakte team announced an innovation that will make the use of the social network much more pleasant.

According to the press service, VKontakte was one of the first in the world to introduce data transmission technology based on the new QUIC Internet protocol and doubled the speed of content delivery in the web version and mobile applications compared to the old generation TCP protocol.

The details were announced at the Saint HighLoad ++ conference in St. Petersburg by the technical director of the social network, Alexander Tobol.

It is noted that now the consumption of content at high speed will be possible without loss of quality, even with a weak Internet connection and unstable mobile networks.

Content delivery time has decreased by 55%, and the total number of events viewed daily has grown by more than 250 million. Content delivery has doubled, and in poorly connected networks, users have begun to consume 10% more content. The application with the new network technology was tested and showed an increase in speed not only in Russia, but also in a number of other countries, including Germany, Brazil, and Moldova.

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