Volkswagen Aero B: We hunt down the electric successor to the Passat


The production version of the famous ID Space Vizzion concept launched in 2018 will boast 700km of range and is already being fine-tuned somewhere in the Alps.

Back in 2018 and 2019 Volkswagen not only began to outline its new family of electrics with the Volkswagen ID.3, but also looked at the sedans, and more specifically the all-powerful Tesla Model S, with the Volkswagen ID concept. Vizzion and a year later with a familiar ID Space Vizzion. In this latest version, it was presented as an elegant and spacious electric saloon -with the same interior space as a Phaeton- with 700 km of autonomy that Volkswagen itself confirmed would reach production in 2023.

And from what our spies have been able to see, those plans are advancing with a firm step, because they have captured the first images of that production electric saloon that is known, at least for the moment, by the name of Volkswagen Aero B, a model that like the rest of its brothers will be born from the famous MEB platform for electric vehicles from which both a sedan and a family version will be born.

Big like a Passat, wide like a Phaeton

This base as a 100% electric vehicle will make this saloon, which will maintain the size of a Passat, nevertheless have the space of its older brother the VW Phaeton. It will also be available in various mechanical versions, starting from a rear-wheel-drive version and reaching a top GTX version with all-wheel drive that is expected to offer a 0 to 100 km / h in 5.6 seconds -in the rear-wheel-drive version they will be 8.5 seconds-.

Up to 700 km of autonomy

At the battery level, the most powerful will be 84 kWh, which will guarantee the famous and anticipated 700 km autonomy in addition to being able to have a 200 kW fast charge to obtain 230 km of autonomy in just 10 minutes.

This generous figure of maximum autonomy will be possible thanks to the greater battle of this model that will allow this larger battery to be housed under the floor, but also to some cells that will be much more efficient and also to the aerodynamics of the car itself that we already can. appreciate in these photos, with a smooth and flowing silhouette that ends in a raised rear with a slight spoiler. This will allow it to offer less air resistance, while its wheels will also allow it to offer low rolling resistance.

For the rest, its bodywork is already practically uncovered, although on the Volkswagen front it has put stickers on the headlights and grill to play the game and hide a face that will surely be more similar to the rest of the members of the ID family.

This Volkswagen Aero B will be produced in Emden, Germany, from 2023, the same plant in which the Volkswagen Passat and Arteon are currently born, which as we learned a while ago is being expanded and modernized to accommodate this third model.

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