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Volkswagen reports data breach of more than 3.3 million customers


The Volkswagen car consortium reported in a letter that the data of more than 3.3 million of its customers were leaked due to a security breach caused by a service provider, the TechCrunch portal reported on Friday, citing the document at your service.

The accident affects more than 3.3 million people is clear from the document.

The provider that served Volkswagen, it's subsidiary Audi, and accredited vehicle dealers in the US and Canada left customer data unprotected online between August 2019 and May 2021.

This is information collected in a period between 2014 and 2019 for sales and discounts.

The company reported that personal data, including names, emails, and postal addresses, as well as telephone numbers, were exposed.

The leak of the most confidential data, related to loans and rentals, affected 90,000 clients in the US and Canada. In 95% of the cases, the card numbers were filtered.

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