Volkswagen's L5 autonomous driving prototype car GEN.TRAVEL debuts

Volkswagen Group will present an innovative design study on September 24, named GEN.TRAVEL, aims to redefine the long-distance transportation of the future.

Volkswagen GEN.TRAVEL is a pure electric prototype car with L5-level autonomous driving. The interior of the car adopts a modular design, and officials say it can replace short-haul flights in the future. As a research vehicle, the purpose of Gen.Travel is to test user reactions to concepts and new features. Depending on the results of the study, individual features may be added to production models at a later date.

According to the official introduction, GEN.TRAVEL is a brand new vehicle category between sedans and MPVs, and the autonomous driving capability turns the driver into a relaxed passenger, with time to do other things. GEN.TRAVEL has a unique, modular interior concept that can be customized for each trip and booked as a mobility-as-a-service offering. Depending on the configuration, the concept car can transport up to four people.

For business trips, the "meeting setup" provides a relaxing environment with four comfortable seats and a large table in the middle of the interior. Dynamic lighting creates a pleasant working environment and avoids the danger of motion sickness. A configuration in the "overnight setup" allows for the conversion of two seats into two beds, which can be folded fully flat.

A new restraint system keeps passengers safe, even when lying down. GEN.TRAVEL lighting systems can affect melatonin production, helping passengers fall asleep and wake up naturally. For family trips, GEN.TRAVEL with front seats can provide an Augmented Reality (AR) entertainment system. All HMI (Human Machine Interface) elements are produced using sustainable materials, combined with recycled or natural materials.

The futuristic façade of GEN.TRAVEL is divided into two parts, the transparent glass cockpit is perfectly integrated into the lower part and the windows are very low in order to maximize the view from the outside. At the same time, when passengers lie flat in the car, they are not exposed to any external influences. GEN.TRAVEL's gull wing doors facilitate better entry and exit.

For maximum comfort, GEN.TRAVEL's active suspension eABC (Electric Active Body Control) calculates in advance vertical and lateral movements such as acceleration, braking or cornering and optimizes the driving style and trajectory accordingly.

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