Volkswagen T7 Multivan: Technology and versatility for the new generation of an icon

Volkswagen T7 Multivan
Volkswagen T7 Multivan

It is official, the mythical Volkswagen van debuts a seventh-generation that arrives more technological, practical, and modular than ever

More than 60 years ago a product was born whose manufacturer did not expect that it would have the success that it has reaped since then and that is that the Volkswagen Multivan, with its different sister versions, is one of the most popular models in the van segment. And its formula cannot stop evolving and for this reason, the seventh generation has been preparing for a long time under the watchful eye of our spies, press, and fans, who have been following this new generation since last year during its long development. Now we finally have it before us, presenting itself as that leap at a technological, practical, and design level that has been waiting for a long time.

In-depth renovation

And it is that the first thing that catches the attention of this seventh generation of the iconic van is precisely that it arrives with important news and advances, unlike a T6 whose changes were not as deep as expected at first since it was basically a restyling the T5. Thus we find an exterior design, in which although there are no major revolutions, we do find a slightly evolved face, with its front lights, connected to each other by a thin strip of led light that gives it a much more modern appearance.

In conclusion, we are facing a Multivan / Transporter with a more modern and advanced touch but according to Volkswagen it also pays homage to the DNA of its predecessors with a minimalist and fresh design. Thus, in addition to having new LED lights, it will also include new bumpers, leaving a much more modern and closed front in the style of its brothers in the Volkswagen ID range, redesigned A-pillars to improve visibility, as well as a large range of options to customize the vehicle to our liking, without forgetting an advanced infotainment system known as' Ready 2 Discover'with a 10-inch central screen and 10.25-inch digital instrumentation, which can be accompanied by a Head-up display, and the most recent driving assistants (it has a total of 34) such as the famous Car2X system, 360 vision or the IQ.DRIVE Travel Assist that allows semi-autonomous driving.

The new Multivan also has a longer wheelbase and a wider and lower profile than its predecessor, thus seeking not only to improve interior space, but also efficiency.

Volkswagen has also shown a series of images that show the possibilities of its new interior, which again has a capacity of seven seats divided into three rows of seats that are now much lighter, and in which modularity, it will be an of the great keys of the model.

This flexibility is shown especially with a small table that incorporates its interior and that will admit different forms of placement, not only for the rear passengers but also for the driver who can also use it thanks to a system of rails that moves it longitudinally between the seats. It also doubles as the center console for when only the front occupants are using the vehicle.

At the boot level, the basic version of this Multivan offers 469 liters of luggage space, expandable to 1,844 liters if we fold down the third row of seats.

Another of the great novelties of this VW T7 will come from the hand of a modular architecture that we all know since the MQB platform will give life to a product that will continue to be offered in its Multivan, Caravelle, California, and Transporter variants. Remember that the first three are focused on the transport of people while the last is reserved for moving goods.

In the words of Albert Kirzinger, the lead designer of the project: "We stay true to the typical Bulli line. For example, we deliberately quote the horizontal character line of a T3 that encompasses the body. The DNA of the versatile history of T lives on. In a completely new Multivan, which at first glance is a typical Bulli. With a personable appearance and character and a clear and timeless design. " Kirzinger also points out that the hood has been inspired by that of the T4.

The seventh-generation will gain in width and increase its wheelbase.

Time to get electrified

The engine range will comprise three different mechanics, with options including for the first time a Multivan eHybrid plug-in hybrid that uses a 150 hp 1.4 TSI engine and an 85kW (115 hp) electric motor to deliver the combined power of 218 hp, and the possibility of driving without emissions and noise with 100% electric mode, accompanied by a gearbox DSG six specific speeds. This novelty will be joined by two options with gasoline mechanics, a 136 hp 1.5 TSI and a 204 hp 2.0 TSI, as well as a 150 hp four-cylinder TDI diesel that will arrive next year. All of them are available at the moment with front-wheel drive and accompanied by a seven-speed DSG transmission.

Let us also remember that this new Volkswagen T7 will share a platform and a good part of its DNA with the Ford Transit 2022, which is also very close to making its debut.

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