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Volkswagen Tiguan 2024: We hunt for the new electric SUV?

Volkswagen Tiguan 2024 | Credits: Atomedia/Car and driver
Volkswagen Tiguan 2024 | Credits: Atomedia/Car and driver

The Volkswagen Tiguan has evolved significantly since its first generation launch in 2007. The most recent advancement was the incorporation of plug-in hybrid mechanics in the newest restyling of this tiny SUV a few years ago, with which electrification was introduced. The next big change will come with a new generation, which Volkswagen is preparing with its first prototypes and will include, for the first time in the range, a 100% electric version. In reality, because it will be the last with combustion engines, the next generation will just be a precursor to what is to come.

General characteristics of the Volkswagen Tiguan 2024

The first proof of this major leap in preparation was discovered a few months ago with a prototype in the shape of a mule vehicle under the skin of a current generation Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace that concealed a 100% electric mechanic. A model that has reappeared, but in a different disguise, with a body that looks to be more characteristic of a current automobile. Its bumper features a large lower grille with a modest opening and two decent side air intakes at the ends. It is still too early to assume that this is the final bodywork, and there are some camouflage features that are deceiving, but for now, they imply a car with more presence in the front and some similarities to the ID models. despite the fact that we are not confronted with one of them.

Car and driver media scouts were able to catch it fast due to the presence of a massive battery pack visible under its body and, of course, the normal sound -or lack thereof- of an electric automobile.

Technical specifications of the Volkswagen Tiguan 2024

As a result, it is still too early to speculate on its design, but it appears that Volkswagen will expand its lineup with this unprecedented zero-emission variant, which will coexist with hybrid versions as access variants, with a prominent role for plug-in hybrid cars as a way to offer more affordable models than pure electric. This also implies that Volkswagen will produce electric cars other than the ID family, albeit the design of the new Tiguan will be heavily influenced by those models.

Inside, we may anticipate a significant technical leap in the shape of new panels for entirely digital instruments and possibly a more comprehensive head-up display. All of this will be combined with an updated arsenal of ADAS security technologies in order to take a new step forward in autonomous driving.

Range, prices, and launch of the Volkswagen Tiguan 2024

Regardless, we will have to wait a long season to even begin to see the first prototypes with their final design, as the introduction of this next generation Tiguan is set for 2024, before a launch that might very well take place as early as 2025.

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