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Volvo improves the Recharge hybrid system of its 90 and 60 series

Volvo plans to sell 1.2 million vehicles worldwide by the middle of this decade and that at least half of them will be pure electric. A goal that is in line with his plan to say goodbye to internal combustion engines forever by 2030, the year in which he only wants to have 100% electric cars. Until that date arrives, the Swedish entity will focus on its plug-in hybrid mechanics, which have just been significantly improved.

Series 90 and 60

We say this because Volvo has recently announced a series of changes to the Recharge powertrains for the 90 and 60 series, so that they now offer significantly longer electric range, reduced CO2 emissions, improved performance, and improved handling. The Swedish firm says these enhancements will be available on all Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) plug-in hybrid models, including the S60, V60, XC60, S90, V90, and XC90 Recharge.

Henrik Green, Chief Technology Officer at Volvo Cars said, we are already in 2021 and we should not have to depend on gasoline or diesel for daily trips. Our latest plug-in hybrids offer all the electrical autonomy necessary for most people's daily life. Driving a plug-in hybrid is usually one step closer to the pure electric vehicle. In our opinion, this update will demonstrate that the future lies in electric driving and will bring us closer to our goal of becoming, by 2030, a manufacturer of exclusively electric vehicles.

Drivers can pre-heat or pre-cool the cabin remotely via the Volvo Cars app, even if the vehicle is not plugged in.

Greater electrical autonomy

Perhaps the most important improvement is the presence of a new battery with the third layer of cells that increases its capacity from 11.6 kWh to 18.8 kWh, as well as a rear electric motor that now develops 145 horsepower, that is, now produces 65% more power in the rear end. These changes have a direct impact on the electric range of the vehicle since the aforementioned cars will be able to travel up to 90 kilometers on a single charge.

And what to say about the specifications, because the T6s goes on to offer 350 horsepower and the T8, no less than 455 hp. The latter become the most powerful Volvo ever made. The brand has also updated the turbocharged T8 petrol engine to increase fuel efficiency and performance, so it now has more power at low revs and at the start of the march, achieving a smoother electric drive with lower emissions. of CO2. The upgrade package also includes single-pedal driving, which will initially be introduced on the Volvo XC60, S90, and V90 Recharge.

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