Wabtec FLXdrive: The world's first battery-powered freight locomotive


The American company Wabtec has unveiled what it claims is the first battery-powered freight locomotive. The FLXdrive electric locomotive ceased to be a prototype and became a production model.

Earlier, in the summer, the company tested such a locomotive in California. FLXdrive is capable of transporting trains weighing up to 195 tons. The prototype at one time was equipped with a battery of 20,000 cells with a capacity of 2.4 MWh. During the tests, the maximum speed was 120 km / h, and the cruising range exceeded 560 km.

Wabtec has already sold at least one locomotive. It was acquired by the Australian company Roy Hill for the transportation of minerals.

True, the company will receive its copy only in 2023, but it will already be a version with a 7 MWh battery, so the capabilities of the locomotive will be much wider.

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