Wald International finalizes a customization program for the Land Cruiser


The current generation of Toyota Land Cruiser has more than a decade and that is why the Japanese brand has already presented a new version with the name 2022 in reference to the year in which the first units will be available. The changes are significant in what is considered one of the benchmark SUVs on the market.

Custom Toyota Land Cruiser

The changes have been both aesthetic and with regard to the engines and equipment. One of the most profound changes occurred in the front grille and in particular around the front.

Now from Japan and specifically from one of the reference trainers in the Japanese country, we get a customization program. Wald International has confirmed that it is already working on a body kit for the 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser.

The aim is to give the benchmark off-road vehicle a new presence. At the moment the images only show the front and part of the side view. There are changes in the grill and the bumper, as well as the side sills.

Wald International will present several options for both the tires and the exterior in general. The objective is that the client can choose between different options to modify the external appearance.

At the moment we have to settle for several renderings that the preparer has published where various customization options are shown with special attention to the rims, where a complete range will be available.

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