Wallet and digital debit card launched in Mexico


Thanks to the advancement of technology, today it is easier to carry out endless activities from the comfort of our homes using only our electronic devices, which have various functionalities that allow us to complete our day-to-day tasks. Due to the crisis, we are experiencing due to the arrival of Covid-19, the use of our smartphones has increased considerably because with them we have avoided physical contact with other people, thus creating a new digital ecosystem.

With this, new solutions have been implemented that allow users to face the new reality that we are living in, especially in the financial field, since currently there are more users who seek to pay for their products and services through their smartphones in order to avoid contact physical with other people.

For this reason, Samsung in alliance with Santander México and Mastercard has launched the Members Wallet, a new digital wallet that will allow consumers to make payments and check their balance and movements just by opening an application on their smartphones.

In addition, to complement this new digital financial ecosystem, they introduced a debit card called Samsung Members, which offers exclusive benefits for Samsung customers in the country such as a preferential price on the Samsung Care + service, discounts of 5% in official Samsung Experience stores. Store, exclusive access to pre-sales, special promotions, and preferential attention at Samsung Service Centers, among other benefits.

At Samsung, we are very excited to launch this digital financial experience together with Santander, which allows us to offer for the first time a digital solution for payments with our mobiles backed by one of the most important banking institutions. Thus, we can offer a new generation of digital banking through our product ecosystem and through a community of benefits such as Samsung Members, said Sang Jik Lee, President of Samsung Electronics Mexico.

Is it safe?

This card offers security to its customers since it has various functions such as a dynamic security code, that is, it constantly changes so that it is difficult for someone to hack your bank details, "it has a security shield both on the cell phone itself, as well as on the card and in the transaction, so its security standard is incomparable, stated Laura Cruz, Country Manager of Mastercard Mexico. Also, the card does not have numbers, which allows you to protect customer data.

Likewise, it has the security support of Mastercard who will provide 24-hour assistance to all users for free via telephone where they can report lost or stolen cards, card replacements, among other types of attention.

Who can hire it?

This card is aimed at all Samsung users who can easily acquire it since the main objective of this alliance is to bring this new digital ecosystem to a wider audience. The Members Wallet application will be available from June 10 where a pre-registration will be made to access the Samsung Members debit card, which is why they have invited the community to become part of this new ecosystem.

In Samsung devices you already have your photos, your messages, your whole life is inside your mobile device. With the wallet and digital card, you will be able to complement it and you will be able to have access to all the benefits of the ecosystem that we are building, affirmed Pablo Tapia, Director of Marketing Mobile Division of Samsung.

On the other hand, they gave a preview of the credit card that they are about to launch, which Samsung users will also be able to acquire once a credit analysis of the interested parties is carried out. In addition, it is expected that later alliances will be made with other banks to adopt this new experience.

Finally, Pablo Tapia stated, 9 out of 10 people who forget their cell phone at home come back for it, something that does not happen with the wallet, since the comfort, security and ease are offered by the mobile phone, so the adoption of this new wallet and card will be of the utmost importance.

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