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"Warriors Orochi 2: Ultimate Edition" is on Steam

"Warrior Orochi 2 Ultimate Edition" is now available on Steam, priced at 249 yuan. The official said that this work includes all the content of "Warrior Orochi 2", and will also add new characters, chapters, and downloadable content that have been released on other platforms to make the story more in-depth.

About the game

This is a strategy action game "Warrior Orochi" series in which heroes from the "Dynasty Warriors" and "Sengoku Warriors" series show their talents on the stage of a different-dimensional world created by the demon king Yuan Luzhi who suddenly appeared. Players can not only play all the content of "Warrior Orochi 2" in this work but also the famous illustrator Yamada Akira ("BEAST of EAST~Oriental Vertigo Record~", "Twelve Kingdoms of War (Cover, Illustration)" etc.) designed new characters to participate in the battle and join new chapters to experience a more in-depth storyline.

In addition, various elements such as the "Duel Mode" which combines the elements of battle and card battle, and the new mode "Infinite Mode" that allows you to experience team battles, and download content released on other platforms will also be included here!

The game supports Chinese, the minimum configuration is GTX 650, and the recommended configuration is GTX 760.

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