Warzone: Hackers already have Halloween skins fans angry about the Reddit clip

Warzone and Black Ops Cold War are in Season 6. Now some hackers are already bragging about the Halloween skins that shouldn't be there yet. Fans are pissed off after watching the Reddit clip.

Activision is constantly releasing new content to keep players from getting bored in Warzone. In Season 6 there will be another Halloween event. There are also two new skins to go with it. Horror fans can look forward to Ghostface from Scream and Frank from Donnie Darko. Although the skins are not yet available, some hackers are bragging about them anyway.

  • Name of the game: Call of Duty Warzone

  • Release (date of first publication): March 20, 2020

  • Publisher: Activision

  • series: Call of Duty

  • developer: Raven software

  • platform: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PC

  • genre: First-person shooter, battle royale

Warzone: Hackers: Inside brag about unreleased skins

New season, new content. The publisher from Santa Monica remains true to the motto and also brings a number of innovations in Season 6 of Warzone. In addition to new weapons and a changed map, there are also new operator skins. For the upcoming Halloween event, Activision insisted on adapting these thematically. Some hackers didn't want to wait until their official release.

When do the skins appear?

Actually, it shouldn't be officially known which skins will be available for the Halloween event. However, they have already become known through leaks from data miners. Ghostface was even shown and confirmed by a glitch in the game. Officially, the skins will appear on October 19, 2021, when the Halloween event starts in Warzone.

Why do some already have the new skins?

The players who use the unreleased skins in Warzone are apparently hackers. A Warzone clip was posted on Reddit from the end of a round in which someone was using the "Donnie Darko" skin. Headline: “22 kills and all headshots. The guy is so good, they gave him access to an unreleased skin beforehand. "

Warzone: Hackers: inside wear unpublished skins are another shit storm against Activision and Raven Software

The iconic rabbit costume from Donnie Darko is not the only skin that can be seen in Warzone before it is released. Another user posted a clip on Reddit in which a fiery skeleton skin can be seen. It is not yet known in which bundle this will ultimately be available for Warzone.

How do the fans react to the skins?

While some fans admire the skins for their appearance, the comments on the posts are most frustrated. The fact that Warzone is still grappling with hackers in such a way without realizing the consequences pissed off many.

  • Obelion_ writes: "Meanwhile Activision: lol just buy Vanguard, we're serious about anti-cheat, really."

  • Says NuttyMcCrunch, “I was just talking to my friends about it the other day. What the hell happened to competitive gaming? And don't come up with this "hacking has always been a problem" crap. "

So the moods among fans of Warzone are still heated when it comes to hackers. And neither Activision nor Raven Software seems to be able to gain control despite repeated waves of bans. For those who still have fun with the game, a streamer has presented an MP5 loadout for Warzone that goes really well.

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