Warzone: The 10 Most Popular Weapons In Season 6 - Sniper On The Rise

Warzone has arrived in Season 6 and we're showing you the 10 most popular weapons in Activision's Battle Royale. Snipers are on the rise. Warzone, Call of Duty's in-house battle royale, recently entered Season 6. With the associated update, some new weapons came into play, and there were adjustments for many a well-worn gun. Traditionally, many players now ask themselves: which weapons should you bet on? Now that a few days have passed after the update and the start of the season, some favorites have already emerged. We'll tell you which weapons are currently particularly popular.

  • Name of the game: Call of Duty: Warzone

  • Release: March 20, 2020

  • editor: Activision

  • series: Call of Duty

  • developer: Raven software

  • platform: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PC

  • genre: First-person shooter, battle royale

  • Payment model: Free to play

Warzone: This is how the top 10 currently best weapons are composed

How does the ranking come about?

The selection refers to the information on the wzranked.com page. Among other things, data from tracking sites or official sources such as my.callofduty.com are recorded and evaluated there, and the site also carries out its own calculations. Wzranked.com is updated daily, so the current information already explicitly includes the current season 6.

Keep in mind: According to wzranked.com, only about 6% of all Warzone players can openly read data. So the data does not reflect the preferences of the entire player base, but according to our own experience, it shows the current status quo accurately and representatively.

Warzone: Players bet on these 10 weapons after the start of Season 6

This is immediately noticeable: After the Season 6 update for Warzone, there were some shifts in the ranking. For example, the popular Krig 6 has completely slipped out of the top 10. But none of the new weapons from Season 6 of Warzone can be found in the top list. So these weapons could not, as some suspected, stir up the meta.

The selection from the early season 6 of Warzone is clearly dominated by 2 ranged weapons: the extremely strong DMR Kar98k and the K311, currently the best sniper in the game. This is followed by 2 strong all-rounders, followed by the 2 best options for close combat as well as other powerful representatives of assault rifles and SMGs.

Most popular weapons in Warzone - The current top 10 (as of October 12):

  • Kar98k (DMR from Modern Warfare) - used in 9.52% of all evaluated loadouts

  • Swiss K31 (sniper rifle from Black Ops Cold War) - used in 8.39% of all evaluated loadouts

  • AK-47 (assault rifle from Black Ops Cold War) - used in 8.07% of all evaluated loadouts

  • XM 4 (assault rifle from Black Ops Cold War) - used in 5.37% of all evaluated loadouts

  • MAC-10 (submachine gun from Black Ops Cold War) - used in 5.21% of all evaluated loadouts

  • Bullfrog (submachine gun from Black Ops Cold War) - used in 5.09% of all loadouts evaluated

  • OTs 9 (submachine gun from Black Ops Cold War) - used in 5.05% of all evaluated loadouts

  • Gray 5.56 (assault rifle from Modern Warfare) - used in 4.99% of all evaluated loadouts

  • MP5 (submachine gun from Black Ops Cold War) - used in 3.53% of all evaluated loadouts

  • FARA 83 (assault rifle from Black Ops Cold War) - used in 3.50% of all evaluated loadouts

By the way, the ranking makes it clear which guns are currently among the most effective options in the Warzone - after all, players don't choose these weapons just for fun. But even if it serves as a good guide for putting together the individual loadout, it is by no means a guarantee that you will personally get along well with these weapons from this list and perform well. Your own preferences and abilities are and will also remain a decisive factor.

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