We know the Czech award Xiaomi Mi Band 6. What do you say about it?

Xiaomi introduced a new Mi Band 6 bracelet at the end of March and now the Czech award is finally known. Several e-shops have launched pre-orders and the price is in many cases the same or very similar. So how much do we pay for the latest generation of this smart bracelet?

Czech Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Award Revealed

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 will cost CZK 1,190 with us. Originally, the bracelet was expected to be even more expensive, which fortunately was not confirmed in the end. The previous version was sold at CZK 1,490 when sales began in our country and is now logically cheaper. So if you do not require news and you still need a successful fifth generation, you can buy it for about 650 CZK.

  • 1.56 ″ AMOLED display (50% larger than the previous generation)

  • 30 exercise modes

  • SpO2 sensor

  • support for PAI and monitoring of menstrual cycles

  • dimensions 47.4 x 18.6 x 12.7 mm

  • compatible with Android and iOS systems

However, the latest generation offers a 50% larger display, blood oxygenation measurements, or a lot of new sports activities, which can also be detected automatically.

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