Webb Space Telescope: Musk tweeted "like a black kitchen stove"

Musk posted a picture of a black kitchen stove on social media Twitter, and enlarged and circled its countertop with the starry sky previously released by NASA. The picture is similar to the pattern, and the text "jokingly" said, "NASA did a good job."

According to previous reports from Phoenix Network Technology, on July 12, NASA released the first full-color image taken by its $10 billion Webb Space Telescope to show the 4.6 billion-year-old galaxy cluster SMACS 0723 Infrared images.

It is understood that the Hubble telescope has also photographed the same cosmic region before, and it took 10 days to 2 months to complete the analysis. Comparing the images captured by the two, the Webb telescope not only took less than 13 hours to complete the analysis, but also provided a higher definition and more detailed picture.

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