WeChat iOS 8.0.29 latest version released

WeChat iOS platform ushered in the official version 8.0.29 update. From the update log, in addition to fixing some known issues, WeChat iOS 8.0.29 fixes Apple's iOS 16 compatibility issues and iPhone 14 series compatibility issues.

  • Official changelog

  • Fixed iOS 16 compatibility issues

  • Fixed compatibility issues with iPhone 14 series

  • Fixed some known issues

This update of the WeChat iOS version has been two weeks since the last version (8.0.28) was released. Version 8.0.28 was released on September 8th.

In the official version of iOS version 8.0.28, a small horizontal bar has been added above the emoticon of the WeChat chat interface. Users can click or drag the horizontal bar to make the emoticon interface larger and display more emoticons.

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