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WeChat mini-game Sheep's Goat, which was so popular that it went down

Recently, a WeChat mini-game called "Sheep Made a Sheep" suddenly became popular all over the Internet, and reached the top Weibo hot search at noon today, with the related topic "Sheep made a sheep" and" Sheep's sheep plagiarism" occupying the top two in the hot search list.

The game introduction shows that "The Sheep" is a super-difficult mini-game to clear the level, with a clearance rate of less than 0.1%.

We found that "The Sheep" is similar to most elimination games, and players need to eliminate the same props in the level. In addition to the lack of difficulty in the first level, the difficulty of the second level of the game increased sharply. Many netizens complained that "the second level has been played more than a dozen times and I haven't passed it", "stay up all night and haven't passed it" and so on.

According to the information released by the official Weibo of "Sheep Liao A Sheep", the "Sheep Liao A Sheep" server has crashed three times in two days. Due to the popularity exceeding expectations, the current official even called "urgent recruitment of back-end server development".

It should be noted that in the topic of "Sheep Liao Sheep Plagiarism", "Sheep Liao Sheep" was accused of plagiarizing "3 Tiles", which is also a match-3 game. Some netizens said that there was a similar three-dimensional matchmaking game a long time ago, but some netizens pointed out that "although they are all matchmaking games, the interface is too similar to "3 Tiles".

According to another report by Sino-Singapore Jingwei, the relevant person in charge of Beijing Jianyou Technology Co., Ltd. denied that "The Sheep Got a Sheep" plagiarized "3 Tiles", and said that the game "Sheep Got a Sheep" uses the most basic gameplay. Even if the gameplay is plagiarized, there are too many games like this. It said that the company will not pay attention to this, and users will naturally have their own judgments.

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