WeChat popular science long-press operation

Today, the WeChat public account released an article titled What happens when you press and hold on WeChat? The article popularized some tips for long-pressing operations in WeChat.

Long press the WeChat icon to open the payment code, or quickly open your WeChat QR code, or scan it. This is much faster than opening WeChat > clicking the "+" in the upper right corner > selecting payment, or opening WeChat > clicking "Me" > clicking "Service" and then clicking the payment code.

Long press the important information in the chat box, select "Reminder" and set the reminder time. Of course, after long pressing the text, you can also "copy, forward, favorite, delete, multi-select, quote, and search", which are all basic operations for ordinary chatting.

Swipe Moments, and when you encounter a video that you really want to find out, you want to open it quietly. Long press the video and select "Mute Play".

When someone posts a picture on WeChat, just press and hold "quickly extract text" to forward, copy, bookmark, and search the text.

Finally, press and hold the emoji library to move the emoji up and down. If a friend's emoticon pack is enough to attract you, you can also long-press to save, forward, and search for similar emoticons.

Data shows that in the third quarter, the monthly active users of WeChat and WeChat reached 1.309 billion, a year-on-year increase of 3.7%.

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