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Wei brand CEO has asked about the M5

On July 4th, Huawei held the summer release of Huawei’s nova10 series and full-scenario new products. Yu Chengdong officially released a new generation of extended-program SUVs equipped with Huawei’s HarmonyOS smart cockpit at the press conference-Wenjie M7. On July 6, Yu Chengdong said on social media that the improvement and popularization of charging piles will take time, and the extended-range mode is currently the most suitable new energy vehicle mode.

Li Ruifeng, CEO of Weipai, expressed his public opposition to this view. Li Ruifeng said: "Forging iron needs to be hard on its own. It is an industry consensus that the program-added hybrid technology is backward.

Since then, Yu Chengdong has not continued to respond to this matter, but Li Ruifeng, CEO of Wei brand, announced on social media today that he has raised the car to ask the world M5, accompanied by the topic of "Is the added program hybrid behind?" The picture is to ask the world M5 car key and purchase invoice. It seems that Li Ruifeng is going to personally test the M5 with the program extension system. Some netizens said that Mr. Li wants to personally prove that his Wei brand DHT-PHEV technology is more advanced than the program-added hybrid, and he looks forward to the follow-up.

IT House learned that Yu Chengdong did not agree with the statement that the extended-range electric vehicle is only a transitional route for an interview. Yu Chengdong said that removing the extended-range engine is a pure electric vehicle. The pure electric car has added a range-extending engine, is it backward? In Yu Chengdong's view, the use of oil for power generation in extended-range vehicles is more fuel-efficient than fuel vehicles, because fuel vehicles often keep clutching and shifting on the road, and the engine has been working inefficiently. Although the extended-range vehicle generates electricity, the electricity can be recovered, which is much more efficient than the fuel vehicle.

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