Weilai's third brand project is set to be Himalaya

NIO is about to launch a new brand, which is also its third brand. People familiar with the matter said, the name of NIO's third brand project has been determined to be "Himalaya", forming NIO's product matrix with NIO's NIO brand and the second brand whose project is designated as "Alps". According to previous reports from 36 Krypton, Weilai's third brand is mainly in the entry-level market of 100,000 yuan. In addition, the third brand is operated independently by a team that is independent of the NIO brand. At present, the speed of team building is accelerating. "There are even many people in functional departments such as the market." A person familiar with the matter said.

In the second quarter earnings conference call, Li Bin, CEO of Weilai, said when talking about the third brand: We will actively think about the needs of users in various market segments and plan actively.

There must be many people who wonder about the "third brand", why haven't they heard of the second one? In fact, in June this year, when Weilai announced its first quarter financial report, Li Bin, the founder and chairman of Weilai Automobile, attended the financial report conference and disclosed that Weilai plans to launch a new brand ALPS (Alps) based on the NT3.0 platform. ), the brand will focus on 200,000 to 300,000 yuan of automotive products. It is reported that within Weilai, the three major brands are regarded as a stepped matrix of Toyota Group's "Lexus, Toyota, and Suzuki".

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