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What are FRBs, and why are they important?

Updated: May 17, 2022

FRBsor fast radio bursts are a mysterious space phenomenon. They're very quick radio bursts that last just a few milliseconds (or thousandths of seconds). They're detected as huge spikes of energy that change in strength over time. The first one was discovered back in 2007 found by looking back through space survey data

Lots of FRBs have been found since then, there's also one FRB source that is sending out repeated bursts and no one is quite sure why. In fact, scientists have struggled to explain exactly what causes any FRB in the first place. Theories include rapidly rotating neutron stars, black holes, and even alien life

FRBs are important simply because they're so baffling to experts. Unlocking the secrets of what causes them will give us a much better understanding of what goes on beyond our galaxy. And if it does turn out that some other life-form is causing these FRBs it would be a world-changing discovery.

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