What are Pirates of the Caribbean up to us in the Sea of ​​Thieves?


At this year's E3 exhibition, the free expansion of A Pirate's Life into the Sea of ​​Thieves sandbox was announced, thanks to which heroes from the still-popular film series Pirates of the Caribbean (or from an attraction at Disney World) will see it.

Yesterday, a special showcase (preview record ) was broadcast in addition to this addition, which revealed many details.

The story of expansion will take place within 5 quests, in a game called Tall Tales, in which we will fulfill individual goals, either solo or with friends. So if we decide to take on these tasks, the whole story begins with Jack Sparrow (dubbed by Jared Butler, who also lent him a voice in Kingdom Hearts III) steals an extremely rare treasure, which allows him to teleport to the world of Sea of ​​Thieves, where he followed by his age-old nemesis - Davy Jones, who discovers that he has no control over the dead in this world, which does not please him completely when he decides that he wants to rule the local waves.

The narration itself will then be suitable both for loyal fans of the game and for complete newcomers, for whom it could be a great boarding bridge. In addition, the story will be enjoyed by people who have never seen a single part of the film series Pirates of the Caribbean.

Rare then wants to preserve the essence of the original, when, for example, he hired a stuntman, Johnny Depp, from the fourth film, in order to correctly capture his peculiar movement. We can't play for Jack, but after starting the story, he will become a full member of your crew, where he will help with various activities and work.

But in addition to these named characters, can we look forward to other familiar faces, such as Mr. Gibbs and perhaps Captain Barbossa? In addition, there will be brand new characters, such as Castaway, who acts as the narrator and guardian of the stories, as well as Cursed Captain, who is represented here as a talking skull, offering details of your journey, or commenting on your actions.

Several new locations will also arrive on the scene, launching the Sea of ​​the Damned, which will act as a bridge between the game's main world and the new expansion locations.

Other places include the Sunken Kingdom, which is ruled by sirens, where we will have to save the Black Pearl itself. From this underwater kingdom, it is clear that diving will play a big role here, as we will reach various flooded caves. However, new plants that will form air bubbles will help us with this.

Rare then promises that each of the locations will be large and filled with many activities that will be performed outside the main storyline.

However, these locations are also associated with the emergence of new enemies. We have already mentioned sirens. You will be fast, aggressive and will use your singing for a ranged attack. There will then be a gem in their chest that can heal them, but this can sometimes come in handy, as the aura it radiates will also heal players.

Another new addition to the local dangerous fauna is the so-called Ocean Crawlers - creatures similar to crustaceans, which we come across in several varieties, where one can use poison or bury itself in the ground, while another uses electricity.

We should then be able to meet all new enemies in the old world as well. However, a new weapon, Trident of Dark Tides, will help us fight them, which is capable of firing an electric shock but can also be used in melee combat.

Naturally, various cosmetic accessories could not be forgotten, such as clothes in the style of Jack Sparrow, a dog with a bunch of keys in his mouth from the first part of the sail of the Black Pearl. However, these accessories will need to be purchased for a premium currency, but you can also look forward to some free rewards. In addition, if you complete all quests 100%, you can look forward to a special song that you can play with your crew at any time.

The extension is really rich when the work on it was supposed to take basically less than two years, so we can't wait to try its content.

The third season with this expansion will arrive on June 22. You can buy Sea of ​​Thieves in the Microsoft Store or on Steam. Of course, it is also part of the Xbox Game Pass subscription.

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