What are the best clubhouse alternatives?


Companies are starting to launch various Clubhouse alternatives, and big platforms are starting to launch their own as well.

Spaces from Twitter

This feature comes as an alternative to Clubhouse from Twitter, and it is based on an idea close to Clubhouse, but via Twitter accounts. You can add a maximum of 11 people to a room in Spaces which is open to the public where anyone can enter. But the service is not yet out of the trial phase on Android and iOS, and the platform is expected to launch its own app in the future.

Riff platform

Unlike Clubhouse and all its other alternatives, this platform relies on pre-recorded content before it is published. Through this platform, you can record a maximum of 3 minutes before you publish it on the platform. You will also find all the recordings in front of you on its home page, and you can follow specific people to listen to their recordings. The riff is a lite version of SoundCloud or an audio version of Twitter if you wish. And you can download its application on Android phones and iPhones.

Spoon platform

This platform allows you to earn money from your audio recordings and rooms. And while Clubhouse has not yet launched the money-earning feature, everyone is expecting the platform to allow users to earn money from it. Spoon has three different types of content: Talk, Cast, and Live.

These types differ in the number of people who listen to the recording and whether it is live or not. You can provide content through the platform for up to two hours continuously, and the application is available for download on iPhone and Android phones in some selected regions around the world.

Leher app

This app prides itself on being a lot like Clubhouse and says it wants to outperform Clubhouse and introduce new features. This app allows users to enter rooms via video or audio-only, and it allows users to earn money through it. And that is through subscriptions or cooperation with some famous brands, and the application allows you to watch the conversations live or record them after they end. The app prides itself on having a group of highly successful professionals and corporate members. You can install the app for free on Android and iPhone phones.

Instagram rooms

Facebook is working hard to offer the Clubhouse alternative directly, though Instagram has launched its own Clubhouse alternative. This feature is not much different from Instagram Live, but instead of one person sharing, you can share more than one person together. You can choose to appear via video or audio-only.

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