What are the best tools for extracting text from images in Arabic?

It becomes annoying if you try to modify protected PDF text or text in an image, so the tools to extract text from images become useful to save you time and make the editing process easier.

If you do not use the text extractor tools from the images, you need to write the text from the beginning, which is not practical and time-consuming, especially if it is a long text.

The process of extracting text from images depends on an artificial intelligence technique called OCR or optical character recognition, and the technology supports many languages, including Arabic and English.

These tools help you convert your paper documents into digital documents to make searching for the easy, and to enable you to access information and organize your paper library better.

There are many tools that extract text from images, and some of these tools come for free and others are paid.

I2ocr tool:

The tool is considered one of the most popular tools that rely on OCR technology in Arabic, and it works efficiently with all Arabic documents, whether it is an image or a PDF file.

The tool also supports different languages ​​besides the Arabic language, so you can rely on it for everything you need.

And you can extract text from images or PDF file by placing the image link in the tool or uploading the image to the tool.

Convertio Tool:

The tool offers a variety of features besides extracting text from images, and you can use it with Arabic texts along with other languages.

With the tool, you can merge or convert PDF files together, and you can also convert all different file formats such as audio and video files.

You can use the tool for free, and you also have an add-on for text recognition directly from Google Chrome.

Google keep app:

With Google Keep, you can extract text from images and use the text to take notes or send it to Google Drive if you wish.

Google Keep works well with Arabic texts, but you need to review the text for accuracy and correctness.

You can also use Google Keep via the mobile app to extract text from photos.

Camscanner App:

CamScanner is the most important document application on Android and iOS phones, and this is because it gives you many tools to manage your documents.

And you can use the paid version of the application to be able to use the text from the images in a good and clear way, and you can use this text in a later PDF or Word file.

Easy Screen OCR app:

You can install this application on your computer in order to use it directly without an internet connection, and the application supports the Arabic language along with the rest of the languages.

You can use the app to translate screenshots that you take from any website, and it can also translate paper documents before shooting them.

This application is one of the most powerful applications for obtaining text from images and translating it.

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