What do you do if your data leaks online?


Many people are exposed to the leakage of their personal data or the data of their electronic accounts due to cyber attacks targeting them personally or targeting web servers, so what are the best ways to deal with these problems?

On this topic, the Russian expert in information security, Alexei Drozd said: “If someone is subjected to an electronic attack or hacking of one of his electronic pages or accounts, he must act quickly to avoid the continued leakage of data. It is preferable that the first thing change the passwords for accounts and pages, as well as check the security settings, activate the two-factor authentication features to enter electronic accounts through passwords and through special codes that reach the phone or e-mail, and if he notices a leak in his electronic account data or any changes in it, he must contact the companies responsible for operating them online.

For his part, the Russian technical expert, Andrei Arsentiev, said: “If someone suspects that his data in a particular telecommunications company or a company responsible for a site on the Internet may be leaked, he can ask this company to delete his personal data from its servers and electronic networks, and in the event that the company does not respond. He has the right to resort to the competent authorities to complain about the matter.”

As for the expert, Yekaterina Kilyushava, of the Positive Technologies company, she pointed out that there are websites and special service companies that people can rely on to check whether their electronic accounts or data have been hacked, but at the same time, they must be treated with caution with these sites as well and choose well-known and safe sites.

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