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What does Google Play Media Experience Program mean?


Google has launched a program project known as the Play Media Experience Program, which aims to give developers a greater return on profits if their applications support smart devices running the Android system in an appropriate manner in addition to phones, as it will deduct only 15% of the profits. Play Store fee instead of the usual 30%.

Through this program, Google aims to encourage developers to develop their applications to support all platforms, as Google suffers from the lack of Android developers' support for other platforms, which is clear with Android tablets and their decline, as well as the case with smartwatches with complete control from Apple.

Although Google seeks to motivate developers to support different devices, it wants to focus on the big developers with the new Play Media Experience Program, by stipulating that the application obtain more than 100,000 downloads on the Play Store with a good evaluation to join the program and get 85% of the fees Subscribe instead of 70%.


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