What does iCloud Private Relay mean and how is it different from VPN services?

Apple recently unveiled the iCloud Private Relay service, which attracted everyone's attention, given that it is a service that actually affects the security and privacy of users positively, but a large number of users did not understand the features and features of this new service.

What is iCloud Private Relay?

It is a service that maintains the privacy of users while browsing the Internet on Safari, and it is also part of the paid iCloud + subscription, as the pure basis of the service greatly improves its effectiveness, as all the processes of browsing the Internet now, including the pages and contents that the user passes through are encrypted and transmitted via two different paths.

The first path works by relying on an anonymous IP address, while the second path works to transfer the user to the page he wants to access, and based on those successive paths, the user cannot be tracked or know any data about him through the sites he visits.

Apple has cooperated with a number of companies in providing it, and although the company did not reveal the names of these companies, many sources have confirmed that they are Cloudflare, Akamai, and Fastly.


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