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What does Intel Bridge Technology mean in Windows 11?


Microsoft revealed that it will support running Android applications on the operating system Windows 11, as this will be through Intel Bridge Technology, which helped Windows 11 provide the ability to run Android applications on the operating system without the need to use an emulator or any applications external.

Intel Bridge Technology

It is a technology known as IBT, which is Intel's latest technology and one of the most important new features that have been incorporated into Windows 11, which acts as a compiler for the code of Android programs and applications in order to allow them to run on devices based on the X86 architecture.

Microsoft has collaborated with Intel to develop IBT technology that has the ability to configure Android applications as if they were regular Windows programs, so as not to consume a lot of computer resources.

Running Android apps in the past

Previously, in order to run Android applications on Windows systems, users needed emulators, and although it was already doing a great job, it was putting a huge burden on the computer and requiring a lot of device resources, however many computers were experiencing slow issues and delays while relying on it.

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