What does "^^" mean?

Somebody writes you "^^" and you don't know what that means? We'll tell you what's behind the combination and how to use it.

That means ^^: Laughing emoticon, happy

The emoticon "^^" is intended to convey a feeling of bliss or joy in written communication. The characters "^^" represent a person looking up with their eyes closed. There are numerous variations of the "^^" smiley such as "^ _ ^" or "^ - ^".

Origin of ^^

Like most horizontally readable smileys, "^^" was taken from Japanese, as was "OTL" . These emoticons, also known as "Kaomoji", a mixture of "face" (顔) and "writing" (文字) have been in use since 1985. The "^^" smiley was created around 1988 when a user on fj.questions.misc. posted a series of "Master Koalas".

These emoticons, represented as "^ O ^", spread in the Usenet group fj.jokes, and the first variations were created. Below that "(^. ^)" For laughing, "(;.;)" For crying and "(-.-)" to represent both sleep and shock. These smileys have evolved over the years, also due to the influence of western writing oaks.

So you use ^^

You can use the smiley "^^" yourself if you want to express that you are laughing or happy. Although GIFs and animated emoticons are used today in addition to more elaborate emojis, the old smileys are still used. With "^^" you can never go wrong because it is as well known as it is easy.

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