What does the E3 conference mean and what do you need to know about it?


The popular E3 gaming conference is set to return this June as an all-digital online event, and in the absence of details on what to expect and many rumors about participation in the industry, a report has emerged claiming that some elements of the show will be placed behind a wall Protection, with live streaming shows powered by GeForce Now.

In a tweet, ESA said, the E3 Digital Show 2021 is a free event for all attendees and confirmed in a follow-up statement that there will be no elements of E3 2021 that will be behind the paywall, whether this represents a change of plans, or Narrowing down the scope after investigating other approaches or something else we don't quite know, but we'll have to wait to see what exactly this year's show will be.

Recall that in 2020 the entertainment programs "Entertainment Software Association" Association Conference to cancel the games due to the spread of E3 2020 virus Corona Covid- 19, but it is still committed to holding this event next year.

E3 Exhibition

It is an annual exhibition of electronic games, which is an abbreviation of three words that start with the letter E, which is the Electronic Entertainment Expo. It lasts for three days, preceding a special day for conferences of major companies, during which major projects of gaming companies are revealed, including the presence of various devices and new games.

E3 date

Before the establishment of the exhibition, game publishers were displaying their new products in other exhibitions such as the Consumer Electronics Show. However, with the growth of the video game industry in the early nineties, the need for a trade fair for video games arose. The exhibition was held for the first time in Los Angeles, the USA in 1995 and continues to this day.

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